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Nuova Genetica Italiana (NGI) provides analytical services and custom solutions in the field of the High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) applied to life science and agri-food area. Putting innovation and accountability first, NGI aims at producing robust, reproducible and high-quality HTS data to support progress in the R&D and industry sector.

Due to the ongoing experience in lab automation and genomic research, NGI offers a large range of genomic services from DNA/RNA extraction to the production and interpretation of the NGS data, according to the customer’s need.

NGI is applying standard and consolidated procedures on various sequencing platforms as well as testing, implementing and validating different protocols, assay and workflow to fully address specific tasks and issues.

About Us


Technical Support


On Site and Remote support, Expertise on different machines (Agilent, MGI, Applied Biosystem and more), Fast and reliable



A Centralized logistic office with a wolrdwide connection and experiences tailored to customer needs



In house Laboratory, Remote and On Site support, possibility to rent our facilities for personal use

ISO Certification


Consultancy to obtain ISO Certification, Creation of ISO Manuals.

Expertise on ISO 9001 & 17025

Our Services


NGI staff has previous experience in genomics research applied to human health and agri-food sector as well as in lab implementation and automation, guaranteeing the technical and scientific know-how necessary to perform HTS analysis in research and industry projects. NGI expertise is available to perform basic research, standard analyses and to develop innovative diagnostic and analytical protocols upon request.

Furthermore NGI team carried out Research & Development in multidisciplinary projects at national and international level, being involved in all steps of the process from proposal submission to project reporting. Thus, NGI is eager to be involved and to give his contribution in R&D projects as partner or sub-contractor.

Giorgio Chiodaroli
Giorgio Chiodaroli

Founder, Project & Service Manager

Pamela Abbruscato
Pamela Abbruscato

Quality Manager

Andrea Chiodaroli
Andrea Chiodaroli

Robotic and Sequencing Service Manager

Antonio Scavo
Antonio Scavo

Field Service & Logistic technician

Our Team


Researchers currently in NGI team had been previously involved in multidisciplinary EU projects in agri-food and bioeconomy sector, such as FOODINTEGRITY (ID: 613688, FP7KBBE) and SALTGAE (ID: 689785; H2020-EU.3.5.4.).

NGI is involved in the ongoing AGRIHUB project (ID 1148574 prot R1.2019.0001263) funded by Regione Lombardia within the framework REGIONE LOMBARDIA 2014-2020 – CALL HUB RICERCA E INNOVAZIONE.



Our Address

Piazza XX Settembre n2, 

22079 Villa Guardia (CO),


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM


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